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e-Goals is at the forefront of making skilled and dynamic human resources available on the European market to plan and develop any type of project for our costumers’.

Rely on experts

Our 2+ years of experience, certified Salesforce developers, and commitment to investing in our team’s growth and development make us a reliable partner. We take pride in delivering top-notch services,
completing projects to the highest standards, and earning our clients’ trust.

Reduce costs

Our company provides customizable services to meet each client’s unique requirements, reducing costs without sacrificing quality. We offer tailored solutions to help clients achieve their goals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Easy management

Our Milan-based company has branches in Tirana and Athens, providing convenient locations for clients to meet us.
We offer flexible resource integration to help clients efficiently manage projects. With skilled project managers
available, we ensure a hassle-free experience for clients.

e-Goals is a multinational and dynamic European reality


Our management office in Milan. It is where we manage, coordinate, implement and develop our strategic plans. We are committed to providing the best services and solutions to our clients and partners, while making sure that all operational processes are running smoothly. 


e-Goals is a multinational and dynamic European reality


Our new development office in Athens is an exciting step forward in providing innovative solutions to our customers across Europe. We are looking to build a team of highly skilled developers who can help us develop projects of any size and complexity. We are confident that with the right combination of skills, knowledge, and experience, we can create the perfect team that will provide excellent customer service and deliver results.


e-Goals is a multinational and dynamic European reality


Our core operation office is located in Tirana, Albania. We have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the best operational solutions and techniques. This team is well-structured, with each member having expertise in different areas of operations. We provide our clients with high-quality operational services and solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. We also develop projects that are designed to help them reach their goals faster and more efficiently. With our main knowledge and experience, we can provide our clients with the best know how for their operations.



We support our customers in the staffing of complex projects on different technologies.


Research & discovery


Design &
User Testing


Stories & Wireframes


Build &


Maintain &


from our Offices

FREE Saleforce course

An apprenticeship training course born from the partnership between the Galdus Training Center and e-GOALS
The course will provide you with the technical knowledge to become a SalesForce specialized software developer.