Whatever you need, e-Goals can make it for you

e-Goals is at the forefront of making skilled and dynamic human resources available on the European market to plan and develop any type of project for our costumers. 


Research & discovery

We love collaborating with clients to make their product visions a reality. By discussing goals, challenges, and opportunities, we develop an initial feature list to ensure solutions meet unique needs. Our commitment to open communication sets us apart and delivers quality services.


Design & User Testing

Our team prioritizes features to design products that embody clients’ brands, with a comprehensive approach that emphasizes optimal functionality and delightful user experiences. We deliver high-quality designs with a focus on detail that exceeds expectations and sets products apart from the competition. 


Stories & Wireframes

At e-Goals, we focus on the user journey to create intuitive products that meet their needs. Through continuous learning and iteration, we ensure success in the market. We work closely with clients to exceed expectations and meet unique requirements.


Build & deploy

We offer comprehensive staffing solutions for clients’ complex projects on different technologies. Our experts provide tailored solutions that meet unique requirements, identifying the skills and experience needed for each project. With a focus on quality and attention to detail, we ensure that clients have the right resources to complete projects on time and within budget.


Maintain & Optimise

We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to help clients improve and update their products as their needs evolve. Our team provides ongoing support and transfer of information to ensure products remain up-to-date and valuable. Our commitment to quality and detail ensures clients’ products continue to meet their unique requirements.

Reduce costs

We recognize that every client has unique requirements, which is why we offer a range of highly customizable services to cater to diverse needs. By choosing only the services that they require, our clients can reduce their costs while still receiving high-quality solutions that meet their unique needs.

A new flexible partner

e-Goals has prepared different operational models of engagement, to respond to the different needs of efficiency and effectiveness depending on the required work setting, the size of the project and the number of activities to be delegated to outsourcing.

The e-Goals process

how we manage our customers needs


Our company focuses on recruiting top talent by partnering with leading recruiting companies and implementing programs such as “Bring a Friend” and internships to find and develop potential candidates. By leveraging our connections with universities, we attract fresh talent to our team and ensure that we have the best resources to deliver high-quality services to our clients.


An indefinite contract make our company more attractive to potential candidates and increase employee loyalty and job satisfaction, ultimately benefiting our company's overall success.


We provide our resources with access to various courses and certifications to improve their knowledge and skills. Incentives such as bonuses are offered to those who obtain new certifications, demonstrating their commitment to growth. This investment in training and development ensures our resources can effectively perform their job and contribute to our success.


At e-Goals, we support our employees’ growth, wellbeing, and work-life balance through six key elements of our comprehensive care program. These include ongoing training and certification programs with bonuses for achieving new certifications, flexible work arrangements including remote work, opportunities for career advancement, comprehensive private health insurance coverage, a bonus plan to reward hard work and dedication, and regular team-building activities to promote a positive work culture. By prioritizing these elements, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive work environment where our employees can thrive both professionally and personally.

Clients engage e-Goals

in order to make use of our resources as... e-Goals offers three operational models to cater to different project and work settings: Factory Mode, Integrated Mode, and Task Mode. The Factory Mode is suited for larger projects that require a complete team to work on the project from start to finish. The Integrated Mode is best suited for mid-sized projects that require collaboration between our team and the clients’ internal team. The Task Mode is suitable for smaller projects that require specific tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently. By offering these different operational models, E-GOALS can tailor its approach to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring high-quality work on time and within budget.

Flexible Engagement Models

three operational models to cater to different project and work settings

The Factory Mode

is an operational model designed for large-scale projects that require a dedicated team to work on specific tasks. This model ensures high efficiency by assembling a team of skilled professionals who work exclusively on the project until completion, which maximizes resource delivery capacity and cost-effectiveness.
However, it may have potential drawbacks in terms of quality if there are communication issues between teams, leading to a possible need for rework.

The Integrated Mode

is suitable for mid-sized projects that require collaboration between our team and the clients
internal team. We work together with the client to identify project requirements and ensure daily participation to
ensure commitment. The client has full visibility into the work and responsibility for the deliverable.

The Task Mode

is for smaller projects with specific tasks that need quick completion. We assign a dedicated team to complete these tasks within a set time-frame. The customer does not require governance on the task and reduces responsibility for the deliverables time and cost. Any team scalability needs are the responsibility of the outsourcer,
and the customer does not have control over the team with a limited possibility of intervention on the day-to-day activities. The tasks must be stable enough to allow implementation without costly rework.